Established in 1950, Monteath & Powys is a leading Hunter-based (Australia) private company that has a proven track record of providing the highest quality property and infrastructure development solutions.

From its offices in Newcastle, Sydney and Gunnedah, the team of more than 60 surveyors, engineers, planners, environmental scientists, engineering designers, project managers, field and administration staff work in close collaboration to provide clients with high quality outcomes and exacting personalised service, providing the capacity to meet the time demands of your job.

We take work place safety very seriously and provide clients solutions within an audited safety system.

We provide efficient, accountable solutions for simple or complex, small or large residential, mining, commercial, manufacturing, industrial, transport and logistics projects.

Our proven liaison skills with related professionals and established relationships with approval authorities ensure you get the best and most convenient solutions for a wide variety of property and infrastructure projects.