GIS Mapping and Visualisation

What We do

Monteath & Powys offers traditional GIS capabilities of mapping and visualisation.  Starting from a simple thematic to display a single spatial dataset, or by overlaying and relating numerous layers of spatial data, a GIS map can quickly and simply convey meaning to your target audience.  For audiences that can have difficulty in understanding complex design plans, a 3D visualisation or fly-through can break-down barriers and streamline consultation processes.

Our Experience

  • Map production for reporting or presentations.
  • 3D visualisation for presentations or consultation.
  • Incorporating client data with external data sources such a Census or urban planning controls to build business cases.
  • Integrating with other Monteath & Powys client services.

Site Suitability, Spatial Analysis and Research

What We Do

Monteath & Powys offers a structured approach to understanding and analysing the spatial relationships, drivers, constraints and opportunities that impact on the suitability of a site or location to perform a given function.  Whether you want to put structure into your own intuition, optimise the location for a new facility, understand your competitors, expand your due diligence and business case framework, Monteath & Powys has extensive experience with integrating diverse spatial datasets to help inform your location-based business decisions.

Our Experience

  • Site identification, selection and evaluation for residential, industrial and infrastructure projects.
  • Route option analysis for linear infrastructure.
  • General constraints and opportunities analysis.
  • Nearest facility, proximity and service catchments.
  • Spatial population and demographic reporting.
  • Site yield assessment for property developments.
  • Property market research for urban development and regional growth.
  • Integrating engineering analysis for urban development and regional growth.
  • Integrating with other Monteath & Powys client services.

Spatial Data Management for Assets

What We Do

Understanding the spatial location of assets is critical to organisations that manage large sites, or that have spatially distributed assets across a wide area of operation.  GIS plays a valuable role in capturing, managing, analysing and displaying spatial data for organisations. GIS provides an important integration opportunity with other asset management systems, adding the spatial component to planning, designing, managing and operating assets through the full asset lifecycle.

Our Experience

  • Managing land information systems for property boundaries, titles, easements and leases.
  • Managing site, building, point and linear infrastructure asset data.
  • Evaluating sites or routes for new assets.
  • GIS integration with other asset management systems.
  • Integrating with other Monteath & Powys client services.


Newcastle Accreditations

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