3D Laser Scanning, sometimes called High Definition Surveying, provides accurate, rapid and complete survey data acquisition.  Monteath & Powys has been using this powerful technology over the past four years to provide surveying solutions to a diverse range of clients in the engineering, industrial, architectural, construction, planning and design industries.

What is laser scanning??  

Laser scanning is a surveying technique which can be used to gather data about an object or an environment which can then be used to create a digital 3D model.  The scanner captures everything it can see from each scan position.  Multiple scanning positions can be used to capture all sides of an object.  These scan positions are then stitched together to form a complete representation of the object.  The data from these scanning positions are called “point clouds”, a collection of individual data points which can be used to map an object or a surface.

Key advantages of laser scanning

  • Very dense data is collected in a very short timeframe, saving time and money.
  • An average scan takes approximately 3 minutes and can have upward of 50 million points captured.
  • Produces realistic virtual tours (animations) and still images.
  • Completeness of information means less need to revisit the site if design features change.
  • Clash analysis of new design vs existing structures can easily be done.
  • Eliminates safety and cost issues as scanner is operated at safe distances from dangerous or inaccessible areas.

We are able to supply 3D CAD models in a range of formats or as a final processed point cloud.  We also provide the free Leica TrueView panoramic point cloud viewer file, where clients can easily view, measure and share 360 photo-like images.  This is great for visualisation purposes, especially when professionals engaged are not able to visit the project site.

Our clients use laser scanning to work out volumes of stockpiles and earthworks, for visual assessments and taking measurements, providing accurate as-built information allowing retrofitting and prefabrication of new structures that are correct the first time.

Examples of some of our work.

A laser scanning image in Hunter Valley

Leading Technology at Monteath & Powys

In 2011 we invested in a top of the line Leica HDS 7000 laser scanner, capable of collecting up to a million points per second with a maximum range of 180m.  Engineering tolerances of +-2mm are also achievable.

Recently we have expanded our scanning capabilities to include the use of a long range scanner, the Riegl VZ1000, further securing our position as a leader in this field.  This instrument has a maximum range of 1400m and is used in the mining and bulk earthworks sectors. As seen below the scanner can be mounted on a vehicle, reducing time spent on site.

Some of our recent work includes the Merewether Surfhouse and the Gunnedah streetscape.  Click on the YouTube links below to see our work.

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Safety Quality Laser Scanning Capability Statement

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