The safety process is led by the practice partners who are actively and passionately committed to safety policies and procedures. Safety is foremost on the agenda of our regular partner and safety committee meetings.


The safety of our office and field environments is paramount to our business operations. We inter-relate and customise our safety systems to each and every project.


We are committed to providing safety training and information to all staff within the office and in the field. Our substantial investment in time and money is allocated to staff safety inductions to the environment of all major clients. In addition, our longevity of service places us in a unique position of utilising our historical data to add value to client safety systems.

Values & Behaviours

The passion for safety is driven by all senior partners and is embedded in our office and field operations. We actively foster and reward individual and team safety and inter-dependence with client safety systems.

Risk assessment and safety management are critical in our office environment and the potentially hazardous environments of major infrastructure projects. We make safety a core value to ensure that our workplace and field environments are free of illness and injury.

Our partners demonstrate an active commitment to safety and promote this to all staff and clients. We take active steps to improve safety by:

  • Involving all staff in planning and developing strategies
  • Placing safety as permanent agenda on the weekly staff meetings
  • Making safety integral to our operations and activities
  • Customising safety to each and every project
  • Inter-relating our systems to those of major clients
  • Undertaking ongoing safety auditing and improvements

Our ongoing improvements to Work, Health and Safety (WHS) systems are aimed at aligning these with client systems, however we maintain independent WHS operations to maximise staff involvement and customise WHS to each client environment.

We plan, install, control and sign off safety procedures for each client environment to protect both client and our staff. Ongoing improvements and updates are made to WHS and risk assessment and we are committed to ceasing operations until project hazards are resolved.

We participate in planning and implementation of client safety systems, including those of Port Waratah Coal Services (PWCS), Tomago Aluminium and BHP Billiton.

We invest considerable time and money to ensure that Monteath & Powys staff are inducted into the WHS and risk control systems of our major clients that are found in coal, alumina, gas and acid environments.

As Monteath & Powys has longevity of service to major infrastructure clients that date back to the 1960's, we have intellectual and historical records that have a huge impact on client safety systems. These include maps and records of contamination sites and levels, client historical safety and operations data. These historical records are crucial to WHS of clients such as BHP and Pasminco.

These site-specific operations and safety records date back to the planning and construction of major infrastructure projects that include PWCS and place us in a unique position to contribute to client systems and to adjust our safety systems to client environments.

We monitor and evaluate our safety systems in terms of:

  • Accident rates
  • Workers compensation
  • Hazard reports
  • Investment dedicated to safety

SafetyWorks Group (SWG), a recognised Australian leader in WHS Management Systems has undertaken a WHS Performance Analysis of the Monteath & Powys WHS Management System. As a result of this evaluation, we are committed to ongoing improvements and periodic auditing to monitor and improve safety systems.


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