Urban Planning Services in Newcastle, Tamworth & Hunter Valley

Quality urban planning and design is essential for efficient and sustainable development. For over half a century, Monteath & Powys has provided premium urban planning services in the Newcastle, Tamworth and Hunter Valley regions. We pride ourselves in offering the most effective and reliable solutions for a wide range of property and infrastructure development projects. Our specialist team provide expert services in the following areas:

  • Planning proposals and rezoning
  • Strategic planning and master plans
  • Feasibility studies and due diligence
  • Reviews of environmental factors (REFs)
  • Development applications (DAs) and statements of environmental effects (SEEs)
  • Major project applications and state significant development
  • Environmental impact statements (EISs)
  • Environmental management plans

Planning Proposals and Rezonings


At Monteath Powys, we strive to achieve the clearest, most effective pathway to achieve your development so that you don't lose valuable time and money.

We are specialists in preparing planning proposals and managing rezoning projects. Our team are certified experts, having prepared countless rezoning applications and justification reports to assist changes in land use. We deliver comprehensive, robust submissions to facilitate the planning proposal process.

Our planners collaborate with their clients to establish their needs and the best potential land use for their site, develop a pathway to overcome obstacles and actively liaise with the relevant authorities to resolve any issues.

We have decades of experience in liaising and negotiating with councils and State Government agencies, so you will receive the best possible outcome for your project.


  • Rezoning planning proposal for the conversion of a former industrial site to a commercial premise in East Maitland.
  • Rezoning planning proposal to convert a former large industrial site to medium density housing in Wallsend.
  • Rezoning planning proposal for a former private recreation area to residential living in Newcastle.

Strategic Planning and Master Planning


Strategic planning is at the core of all urban development. To plan effectively, the site and its surrounding environment must be analysed, objectives must be identified, and procedures to achieve these goals must be prepared. A master plan is dynamic and long-term, guiding development within social, economic and environmental settings. It is a technical design process consisting of many interconnected elements. The planning team at Monteath and Powys has unparalleled proficiency in strategic and master plan studies, offering advice to a variety of government and non-government organisations.

We believe in transforming visions into effective planning frameworks with tangible outcomes. Although this complex process depends on the collaboration of many parties, our planning team formulate holistic, flexible and feasible strategies that produce lasting benefits for all aspects of development. Drafting and construction management skills, combined with the use of our geographic information system (GIS), ensure that master plans, concept plans and structure plans are prepared in accordance with our on-ground development experience.

We understand that each project is distinct and demands its own unique approach to achieve the optimal outcome. Therefore, we endeavour to formulate every project plan with a carefully tailored strategy for success.


  • Master plan for a 500-acre mixed-use site in the Central Coast LGA. The master plan was for a combination of residential, commercial and retail interests.
  • Strategic and statutory planning input into the master planning process for a 100-lot subdivision at Port Stephens.

Feasibilities and Due Diligence (Approval Pathway)


The Monteath Powys planning team are highly qualified in managing the preparation of due diligence and feasibility studies. These assessments determine the potential benefits and risks of a proposed project before any significant financial and practical investment takes place.

Feasibility studies assess the ability to achieve successful project completion so that you can determine the value and impact of future development. Due diligence checks determine the suitability and risks of a site prior to committing to pursue a development. Our feasibility and due diligence processes assist with identifying real development opportunities whilst avoiding high-risk unsuccessful projects.

Our extensive research scopes the opportunities and constraints of your site and its environmental qualities, identifies planning policies and legal requirements to assist you in establishing whether your project will succeed in obtaining development approval or not. This comprehensive approach provides clients with in-depth knowledge to make informed decisions when committing to future developments.


  • Planning and environmental constraints analysis for two development sites in the Hunter Valley for Landcom.
  • Planning and environmental feasibility study for the redevelopment of a heritage listed rectory in Raymond Terrace.
  • Planning and development due diligence for a heritage listed church site (St Peters).
  • Planning and environmental constraints analysis for Ausgrid in relation to a transmission line duplication in the Muswellbrook LGA.
  • Planning Pathway Report for proposed mixed use development in Speers Point.

Major Project Applications and State Significant Development


Monteath Powys are industry leaders in managing Major Project Applications and State Significant Development (SSD). A project is SSD if it is:

  • Over a specified size
  • Situated in a sensitive environmental area
  • Exceeds an amount of capital investment
  • Identified as such in a planning policy

These developments include education, waste management, energy generation, manufacturing, tourism and recreation facilities. Such developments have a positive impact on the community and the economy. We have extensive experience in preparing SSD applications and Environmental Impact Statements (EISs) for complex, large-scale developments.  We are also highly skilled in consulting and negotiating with local councils and State Government agencies to ensure successful, timely development approvals.


  • $110 million Rail Maintenance Facility on behalf of Pacific National at Greta.
  • $180 million Capital II Wind Farm at Bungendore.

Review of Environmental Factors


An Activity Approval is required by a planning policy for certain works/development prior to them being undertaken (e.g. infrastructure works being constructed by or on behalf of a State government agency).  A Review of Environmental Factors (REF) is required to be prepared and assessed for as part of an Activity Approval.

Monteath Powys has extensive experience in preparing REFs for an array of infrastructure projects under Part 5 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979. When preparing a REF, our staff assess the impacts of the proposed Activity against the relevant legislation and environmental policies to ensure appropriate, acceptable outcomes are achieved. When an issue arises, we explore potential solutions with the aim of delivering a win-win result for our client having regard to the projects integrity. We also liaise and negotiate with the consent authority on your behalf to guarantee that all requirements are met and that there are no untimely delays.


  • REF for roadworks New England Highway, Muswellbrook LGA
  • REF for port-related works, Newcastle Port
  • REF for wastewater pump station, Bolwarra
  • REF for navigational aids, Newcastle Harbour
  • REF for bus bays and shelters, Port Stephens LGA
  • REF for 40 geotechnical boreholes, Kooragang Island

Environmental Impact Assessment


An Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) involves a systematic analysis of a development’s effects on natural resources. This assessment process must be well understood and managed to ensure that a project is considered environmentally acceptable by Government authorities.

The planning and environmental team at Monteath Powys has an in-depth understanding of EIA requirements and how best to present findings for review. We manage all stages of the EIA and planning process, including screening, scoping, preparing Environmental Impact Statements (EISs), organising independent EIS reviews, and implementing follow-up procedures and monitoring.

Our consultants have prepared EISs for a wide range of high valued projects. This process includes Environmental Assessments (EA) prepared for State Significate Development and State Significant Infrastructure under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act.


  • EIS / EA for the $110 million Rail Maintenance Facility, Greta (Former Part 3A Project).
  • EIS / EA for the $180 million Capital II Wind Farm, Bungendore (Former Part 3A Project).

Development Applications and Statements of Environmental Effects


In NSW, most projects require a development application (DA) to be submitted to council for assessment and determination. The development applications will be assessed against the council’s Local Environmental Plan (LEP), Development Control Plans (DCP), and any relevant State Environmental Planning Policy (SEPP). All development applications must be accompanied by a Statement of Environmental Effects (SEE), outlining the environmental impact of development, and any steps that will be taken to mitigate this impact.

The Planning Team at Monteath & Powys provide expert advice in assisting you through the complex development application process in the Newcastle, Tamworth (New England/North West?)and Hunter Valley regions. We have managed thousands of development applications for a broad range of development types (subdivision, construction of buildings, land uses) for residential, commercial, retail, mixed use, industrial, infrastructure, mining and tourism projects.

Our dedicated team of professionals will ensure the delivery of comprehensive applications that satisfy all legal requirements. We will manage the development application process from submission to determination, including the review of any consent conditions. Our positive, established relationship with local agencies enables us to liaise effectively and ensure timely approvals. With Monteath & Powys, you can be assured your application is in the best of hands.


  • DA for multi-storey mixed use development at Arnold Street, Nelson Bay
  • DA for multi-storey mixed use development at Union Street, Wickham (Eaton)
  • DA for multi storey mixed use development at Hannell Street, Wickham (Stella)
  • DA for a 36 unit multi-storey affordable housing development, Maitland CBD.
  • DAs for subdivisions at Munmorah Power Station, Lithgow (Delta Electricity) and Paxton (Energy Australia).
  • Multiple DAs for residential subdivisions – Gallen Estate Gunnedah (150 lots), Mornington Heights Gunnedah (350 lots), Cliftleigh (49 lots), Fletcher (350 lots), Morpeth (330 lots), Port Stephens (105 lots), Camden Haven (500 lots).
  • DA for Murrays Brewery, Port Stephens LGA.
  • DA for Pacific Dunes Golf Estate, Port Stephens LGA.
  • DAs for industrial subdivisions at Gunnedah (28 lots) and Redhead (8 lots).
  • DAs for waste management facilities at North Wyong, Tomago, Padstow and Morisset.

Environmental Management Plans


The Planning and Environmental Team at Monteath & Powys are highly skilled at preparing Environmental Management Plans (EMPs) for both the construction and operational phases of a project. An EMP identifies important environmental issues throughout the project, providing appropriate strategies for their effective management. This analysis determines the environmental legislation surrounding the project and any regulatory permits and licences which may be required. Our EMPs can include features to support and form part of funding applications for environmental preservation and biodiversity.


  • Environmental Management Plan for the construction of Stages 11 and 12 at Seaside Estate, Fern Bay.
  • Environmental Management Plan for the construction of extensions to Hunter Valley Private Hospital, Shortland.
  • Environmental Management Plan for the operation of a waste management facility at Cardiff

Newcastle Accreditations

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